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We are cheaper, faster, smarter, and more accurate!

Net Check Investigations was established initially to provide internship training and experience for Legal Studies students at a College in Phoenix Arizona.

Due to intense demand for Los Angeles based investigation services and academic research, the firm moved to California. Services expand to a national level, offering services in every county in every state.

The with first edition publication of "Ending The Abuse," the firm began to specialize in domestic, family law, child custody and visitation, and domestic abuse cases.

The firm surpasses the 100,000 mark for employment screening searches conducted.

The firm surpasses the 200,000 mark for employment screening searches conducted.

Second edition of "Ending the Abuse" is published to include new and updated profiling techniques and remedies.

As a result of years of expert witness testimony and hundreds of criminal cases, Mr. Kraut, the firm licensee, is appointed to the California Appellate Project which reviews death penalty cases. 

Launched extensive podcast series and blog postings on about everything you need to know about how to benefit from investigations work

Established in 1996 as a Premier Employment Screening and Private Investigations Company.

Most searches are completed in one business day.

We have twenty years of service experience and happy clients.
Net Check Investigations respects the privacy of the information we collect and distribute to our customers. We comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and with all federal and state requirements for obtaining reports.

FREE Advice 
We are happy to answer any question you may have at any time to the best of our ability. There are never any charges for the time required to discuss/ review a case with a client over the phone, nor is there a fee for any initial face to face consultation

A Passion For Quick and Complete Results

Simply trying to offer his students on-the-job internship training, professor and college dean Jonathan Kraut became a state licensed private investigator in 1997. In 1998, overwhelmed with new national accounts, he finally traded in the classroom to lead an organization where he could practice what he had preached.

Having 20 years experience as an investigator and pre-employment screener with organizations to include the U.S. Army, aerospace manufacturing and design facilities, job placement and training services, and a national trade association, Jonathan established several basic practices that continue to give Net Check Investigations clients an advantage to this day:

  • All searches are performed by a live agent who has the training and good judgment to use reason and creativity to locate, verify, and interpret case information.
  • Reports and findings are re-written and summarized to be easily read by those without formal legal training.
  • All requests are processed and completed within one business day when possible.
  • Each client is assigned one agent to oversee all activities and communications so that a client can get the latest information at any time from someone who knows the status of each search.
  • The cost of services remain low due to high volume and high efficiency


Net Check Investigations respects the privacy of the information we collect and distribute to our customers. We comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and with all federal and state requirements for obtaining reports. FCRA Summary of Rights (for applicants), FCRA Disclosure and Authorization (for applicants), and FCRA User Agreement (for new client firms), and NCI Application and Service Agreement (for new client firms).

How Our Firm Serves You

A licensed investigations agency offers access to confidential information, supports winning in court, and can do things other firms are not permitted to do. A professional team is here for you.

How We Can Serve You

  • Conduct and record surveillance
  • Testify in court and provide valuable admissible evidence
  • Access private information bank accounts, assets, liens/judgements
  • Conduct character evaluations and due diligence reports
  • Provide threat, social media, civil, domestic violence, criminal, behavior, and misconduct findings
  • Locate hidden names, dates of birth, social security numbers, past and current addresses
  • Issue subpoenas and file proofs of service
  • Provide expert witness testimony (to include fraud, cause of injury, and domestic violence)
  • Support your cause as a member of your legal team
  • Provide training and procedures to prevent stalking, harassment
  • Conduct threat and risk assessments
  • Conduct Pre-OSHA safety inspections
  • Allow clients to use the “Investigator Verified” logo

Live Searches vs “Instant Background Checks”

Live vs. Static Searches

“Instant background checks” results often provide no protection from liability if a criminal case is missed: as much as 70% of criminal cases are not included in these “Instant” search databases. Also, variations in name, dates of birth, or deception on the part of the applicant often result in missing important findings.

The problem with on-line data searches are that they:

  1. Do not search using AKAs or variations of dates of birth
  2. Contain less than 70% of nation’s criminal cases
  3. Are posted periodically, monthly or quarterly (not current)
  4. Do not generate complete criminal abstracts or histories
  5. Rarely contains warrants or new/pending cases
  6. Often do not meet the legal requirements to deny employment without further verification
  7. Do not present results on an official document (letterhead

Use our Investigator Verified Seal

Take Advantage of this unique seal

Terms and conditions apply – see Service Agreement

This Investigator Verified Seal™ tells your clients, potential customers, and staff that you insist that a State licensed private investigations agency 1) conducts comprehensive screening for criminal records on all your newly hired employees, 2) re-checks your existing employees every two years of employment, 3) screens in a comprehensive way that includes every appropriate Federal, state, county, registry, and local jurisdiction in the United States, and 4) that your firm is dedicated to following procedures that are in compliance with Federal and State Fair Credit Reporting Acts. Authorized Clients may post this seal on their website, print it on business cards and literature, and will receive a certificate suitable for framing.