Protection for Non-Profits

Non-profit environments, such as religious institutions, civic organizations, and community service organizations often provide the perfect setting for “volunteers” and staff to embezzle donations, grants, and hard-earned funds. Safeguard your organization with comprehensive background screening, anti-fraud mechanisms, and periodic fraud examination so that your non-profit can better serve your clients avoid the embarrassment of internal fraud.

How We Can Serve You

  • Have a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) conduct and audit of financial records
  • Provide assistance with prosecution for criminal misconduct
  • Undercover services for fraud and embezzlement detection
  • Provide training and procedures to prevent stalking, harassment
  • Conduct threat and risk assessments
  • Conduct Pre-OSHA safety inspections
  • Use the Investigator Verified logo
  • Provide oversight and audits

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