Caregivers Screening

Do you know there is a big opportunity for you to bring your caregiving brand to the next level?

As a leading caregiver organization, getting a comprehensive background screening for all caregivers is a must. Imagine under what circumstances will you be comfortable to have other people to take care of your elderly parents, innocent children, and loved ones. Our current caregiving clients firms run our tailored background check before a Live Scan. This sequence eliminates many unqualified candidates that Live Scan will miss.

Once your caregivers are screened properly by us, the unique Investigator Verified Seal will show your client you care enough to take these extra measures to check more than criminal records but embezzlement, abuse, and civil misconduct. The seal could be used on your website homepage or be placed next to your caregivers’ profile to reassure your clients their needs for trust have been met.

A simple strategy brings your business to the market with trust, safety, and certainty.

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Watch this video for a better understanding of the comprehensive background checks for caregivers.

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