Elder and Child Protection

Protect the most vulnerable by having a licensed agency identify records and conduct that may put your loved ones at risk. Duty of Care searches can go back an unlimited number of years for medical providers, elder caregivers, childcare and cashiers (usually only 7 years). Prevent and detect fraud, assault, and malicious manipulation.

How We Can Serve You

  • Identify potential or actual caregiver fraud and embezzlement
  • Search for a history of elder and child abuse (different from a criminal search)
  • Include out of state searches (not part of a Live Scan)
  • Provide assistance with prosecution for criminal misconduct
  • Include a financial and fraud analysis with a Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Deter taking advantage of those Alzheimer and Dementia patients
  • Independently vet caregivers and nannies and use the Investigator Verified logo
  • Conduct Duty of Care searches that are tailored to screen child and elder caregivers
  • Evaluation for safe practices / due diligence of facilities and agencies
  • Assist with Patient Competency evaluations

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