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We offer your job application process a unique advantage: walk in with our letter that you have already been pre-screened. There are several searches available, but we suggest just the very basic search (and least expensive) search called our “Comprehensive Criminal Search.” This comprehensive criminal investigations reassures your potential employer that you have already taken the initiative to do a self-check and removes any doubt about your criminal history.

Many employers will reimburse this expense upon your permanent employment. We will not only provide you an original written copy of your investigation on P.I. letterhead (mailed to you), but will separately send a report to as many potential employers as you wish within 90 days. Plus, we will update your report up to 2 times within 90 days (most reports are only good for 30 days) at no additional charge.

Comprehensive Criminal Search– perfect for employment screening $69.95 per person (includes unlimited county searches and akas) Volume discounts may be available

Included in your “Comprehensive Criminal Search” (back 7-15* years for all criminal records):

  • Verify Name
  • Verify date of birth
  • Verify SSN
  • Trace Residences (7 yrs)
  • Identify aka’s and maiden names used
  • Locate and report municipal criminal records
  • Locate and report county criminal records
  • Locate and report state criminal records
  • Locate and report Federal criminal records
  • Report active wants and warrants
  • Report pending and new cases
  • Locate and report probation or parole records
  • Search Sex Offender Registries
  • Locate and report Drug Offender Registries
  • Locate and report Terrorist Watch list entries


Comprehensive Misconduct Search– perfect for caregiver/contractor screening $99.95 per person (includes unlimited county searches and akas)

Includes Comprehensive Criminal Search plus the following (back 7-15* years):

  • Locate and report history of stalking
  • Locate and report civil harassment
  • Locate and report orders of protection
  • Report known cases of domestic violence
  • Report known cases of child, adult, senior, spousal abuse
  • Locate and report filed restraining orders
  • Report any other misconduct found in the public record
  • Report bona fide comments of misconduct found in social media

All searches are Investigator Verified TM

Note- * 15 years or more when Duty of Care parameters are met at no additional cost.

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