Our Employment Screening


  • Minimizes internal theft, embezzlement, and misuse of confidential information
  • Establishes a safer working environment for employees and customers
  • Reduces the likelihood of employee future misconduct
  • Reduces the likelihood of employer risk and liability
  • Meets Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance standards


Our One County Criminal Searches $18/name-volume discounts may be available


  • Searches criminal records in any one U.S. county
  • New cases, warrants, and many county records are not available through an instant search
  • Used if a person has only lived in one U.S. county since the age of 18
  • Perfect as a pre-screening tool for interns and new college grads


Our Comprehensive Criminal Search $69.95/person- volume discounts available


  • Meets court standards as a “comprehensive and valid” search
  • Necessary to better protect employers from liability and co-workers from risk
  • Searches every known name and date of birth for a flat rate
  • Searches all Federal criminal records
  • Identifies criminal records in every relevant county and state
  • Includes FBI/Terrorist/Interpol/Federal Sex offender registries
  • Locates new cases and warrants in all relevant local jurisdictions

Our Comprehensive Misconduct Search $99.95/person- volume discounts may be available


  • Perfect for prescreening that home contractor, child care provider, or elder care provider
  • Meets court standards as a “comprehensive and valid” search
  • Gives confidence to potential clients and customers
  • Includes our Comprehensive Criminal Search
  • Includes  history of domestic violence, orders of protection, restraining orders, civil harassment, and other records pertaining to misconduct and inappropriate behavior found in criminal records
  • Includes civil harassment and similar records pertaining to misconduct – most recent 2 counties
  • Periodic re-screening (every 2 years recommended) – $49.95/person



Net Check Investigations respects the privacy of the information we collect and distribute to our customers. We comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and with all federal and state requirements for obtaining reports. FCRA Summary of Rights (for applicants), FCRA Disclosure and Authorization (for applicants),  FCRA User Agreement (for new client firms), and NCI Application and Service Agreement (for new client firms).


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