Attorney and Research Services

Most attorneys require a licensed specialist to gather information in criminal and civil actions. As licensed by the State of California, we are legally authorized to perform the following activities to include:

  • Surveillance
  • Gathering physical evidence
  • Locating witnesses, victims, and defendants
  • Serving subpoenas, court orders, and legal notices
  • Taking Statements
  • Criminal and civil case preparation
  • Issues regarding personal habits and character
  • Reviewing courts documents, records, and financial information


Expert Witness Testimony

Expert witness testimony and forensic interpretation is available through in-house and affiliated expert witnesses in the areas of:

  • Habitual and criminal behavior
  • Stalking Behavior
  • Child/Family Services
  • Use of Force
  • Chain of Custody/Admissibility
  • Domestic violence
  • Investigations techniques
  • Forensic Accounting


For Most of Southern California

Disposition/Archive Searches $ 45.00
We conduct hand searches of the physical file for a more extensive understanding or for copies of cases, to include out-of-scope (more than 7 years old), archived, and microfilmed documents. A hand search fee is charged per visit to the court (may take more than one visit), plus $1.25 per page copied.

Certified/Court Copies $ 45.00
Certified and official court copies of the physical record may be requested. Certification fees vary County by County and are additional to the hand search fee (as mentioned above), plus $1.25 per page copied.

Investigation Services: For Rates- please see “Special Services.”
Ways in which we can be of service to Law Firms for Civil, Criminal, and Domestic cases include:

  • Establish friendly relationship with difficult witnesses
  • Conduct surveillance to include film, video, and audio(overt and covert)
  • Review testimony and formulate options and strategies
  • Gather physical evidence
  • Test suppositions and theories
  • Pretext operations (have person posing as others to gain specific knowledge)


Let Us Help With our Knowledge


  • We interview and Subpoena hard to locate witnesses. Let us do the running around for you.
  • Our Agents speak your language and… Armenian, Mandarin, Russian, Tagalog, Spanish, Vietnamese.

Invite us to speak before your team and colleagues regarding the latest employment screening processes, restrictions, and resources.

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